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I suffered sciatica and have great pain on my right buttock which made me unable to walk as usual. I was introduced by Dr Narjit to Diamagnetic Therapy and recovered very fast. After 4-5 treatments, I can walk with no pain involved. Staffs here are very helpful and friendly. I do recommend patients who suffered from pain to come for this treatment. Thank you.

Ho Mai Leng , 76 y/o, a lawyer suffered from spondylolisthesis L4-L5 with Sciatica Syndrome

I have spent 3 packages (33 sessions) to treat my tennis elbow, frozen shoulder and lower back. As the treatment had given positive and considered 99% cured, I continue with my session every once per week for just maintenance. The physiotherapist who attended is Miss Joyce and she is well-trained and professional. She will address all my condition with patiently and I had to complete all task that she given before I left to home.

Zulkifli B Zakaria, 63 y/o., a pensioner passionate with golf games.

I have improved a lot. So far no muscle pulls around the waist. Am confident of doing the stretching exercises as taught.

George Dudley Vendor Slott

Excellent service and wish to continue in future in your centre.

Geeva Patham who is suffering from SI joint Sysfunction

Highly recommend this centre if you have muscle aches, back pain, frozen shoulder, etc. 6 sessions and some good exercises took care of my condition. Looking forward to some pain free games starting tomorrow.

Chead, a golfer who have frozen shoulder and golfer elbow.

I am having my regular physiotherapy treatment at their Sg Way branch. The physiotherapist Ms Lava is very patient and thorough in guiding me with the physiotherapy exercises and providing treatment using the equipment for my conditions. I found the treatments very effective provided I also diligently do the recommended exercises. Highly recommended to visit this branch if you have ache and pain.

Joseph a athlete who is passionate in sports.

Very knowledgeable in all aspects of my pain areas. Highly recommended. Worth the travel from Rawang and UK.

Geetha Ryan who is suffering chronic pain

I was given this opportunity to receive treatments from Diamagnetic Physio Centre. My physiotherapist Miss Joyce explained all my body weaknesses very patiently and guided me well throughout my session with her. It was very responsible of her to keep reminded me to complete all my exercises and gave me encouraging feedbacks on my progression. My shoulder pain started to disappear after 3 sessions with her, this make me can join back my tournament very fast. I will recommend anyone who suffer from pain, muscle weakness do come to visit the centre.

Chong Yong, 19 y/o, an international golfer which have upper cross syndrome

Miss Kalai is fantastic. Although only 2 treatments have been completed with her, she provides an amazing treatment and guiding me throughout the sessions.

Lennora Putit, 52 y/o., a UiTM Lecturer who is suffering from LBP.

Feel hopeful, to regain my muscular strength.

Ponnusamy Prasanna Lata who suffers from Fibromyalgia.

After the first treatment, I went for play badminton without taking any pain killer. I felt that there is no pain in my both knees. The pain getting batter after 2nd treatment and improvement noted.

Sim Aik Kok, a badminton player who is suffering from bilateral knee pain

Therapists service and attitude is excellent. Friendly and two way communication. Additional ice treatment and light massage at problem area is great and allow faster recovery. Facility is well maintained especially cleanliness. Well done and keep it up and will recommend to friends.

Tan Soy Mok, a golfer who has lower back pain.

I am having my physio session at Subang Branch. Ms Maha has been giving treatment to my ACL post op rehab by using the equipment for my knee. Now its getting a lot better, I could walk without any knee support in few weeks after started with my physio sessions and the ROM has improved as she was guiding throughout the session. The treatment has been very effective for my condition.im very satisfied with the treatment provided.

Siau who had ACL post-op

Miss Joycelyn the physiotherapist is very effective in handling and communicating with me. I would strongly recommend her service to other patients. I believe she is valuable to your Diamagnetic Physio Centre, as many patients will in for therapy with her excellent ability, and skills in providing the therapy. Thank you.

Tuan Haji Mohd Ali b Anur Bacha, 73 y/o., president of KIMMA MARTIN n.s who suffering from PID with Left Sciatica Syndrome.