We use our professional knowledge and skills, with addition of CTU Mega 18 Device interact with individuals to achieve mutually agreed upon goals that will allow them to maintain or achieve their highest level of physical function. In addition to their role in the maintenance and restoration of physical function and health, we are also involved in the promotion of health and wellness, prevention of physical dysfunction and disability, and public health initiatives.

We routinely inform our patients and clients about aspects of their condition and the strategies that can be employed to improve their physical function. Very often patients are instructed in lifestyle changes and home exercise programs that empower the patient to become active participants in achieving their health care goals.

We provide up-to-date machine known as CTU-Mega 18 which origin from Italy. CTU-Mega 18 is the first and the only device that represent a scientifically advanced tool, which bases its technical principles and treatment using pulsed magnetic fields of high intensity. The mechanism of CTU Mega 18 directly has influences both the extracellular matrix and intracellular biochemistry, exerting a unique action on tissue repair, reabsorption of edema and the acceleration of cellular reconstruction and metabolic processes.

CTU Mega 18 suitable for lower back pain, sport requiring totary movement for instance golf and racquet games, preventing work-related back stress and injuries, all ages as it requires minimal pull force for optimal compression, those who require spinal and pelvic support and pregnant ladies with unstable pelvis.

  • Keep away all ornaments, keys, and coins during treatment.
  • Do not answer calls and keep away from hand phone/tablets when the treatments is on-going.
  • To verify the contraindications to the patient before proceed the treatment.

Usually, it is depends on factors such as duration of the problem has been presented, the severity of the condition and also requirement of the patient. A fairly standard course of physiotherapy would be 4-6 treatment sessions but this can vary considerably.

Basically, our machines will relieve 70 % of pain after treatment. It also depends on the severity of the conditions. Plus, patients are also advised to come for treatment on a daily basis to see further improvement.

Yes. Maintenance after physiotherapy treatment is essential to improve objectively measurable deterioration in patient’s condition and sustain quality of life. It ensures your body reaches its maximum potential, giving you a distinct advantage over all your competitors.

We do not use CTU Mega 18 pain management device on patients with surgical metal implant. However, if the implant is titanium, we can safely continue with the pain management.