Our Services

List of Services

  1. Physiotherapy Assessment
  2. Pain management with Diamagnetic Device
  3. Thermal Therapy
  4. Joint Mobilization
  5. Mobilization with Movement (MWM)
  6. Myo-Fascia Release (MFR)
  7. Soft Tissue Manipulation (STM)
  8. Post Surgical Rehabilitation
  9. Sports Taping
  10. Postural Correction Education
  11. Strength Training Program
  12. Flexibility Exercises
  13. Pilates Exercises
  14. Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  15. Neurological Rehabilitation
  16. Exercises for Weight Management
  17. Group Exercise Class for Back & Neck Pain
  18. Antenatal and Postnatal Classes
  19. Home Education Program


Diamagnetic Physio Centre provide well plan rehabilitation program for pre –op and post op for orthopaedic patient .We also will plan our treatment and trained you to restore your daily activity ,gain strength and motion following an injury. Our physiotherapists are trained to indentify, defiency in then biomechanics’ of the body. Provides services in the areas of speed, agility, endurance, strength, stability, flexibility, injury prevention, management and rehabilitation for the purposes of enhanced athletic performance during competition. It is also used to help build bone density in osteopenic and osteoporotic people.


Treatment is depending on the patient’s condition. Several number of session as from two session a week, to only one session a month. Each session last approximately 30 to 45min.

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Manual therapy is the clinical approach on hands on technique, manipulation and mobilization to diagnose and to treat the soft tissue and joint structures.

  • Increase in mobility and increase in blood supply.
  • Relaxation
  • Facilitating movement and improving function.
  • To treat the articulation and soft tissue.


Cold therapy will be applied for acute and chronic cases. Cold therapy is to stop bleeding, to reduce inflammation and swelling around the affected area and also to control the pain. The purpose is to vasoconstriction the blood vessel in the affected area.


Hot pack will be applied for chronic case. Hot therapy is to increase blood flow in affected area. It’s to heal during acute injury or inappropriate treatment. Heat therapy helps to relax muscle, aching muscle and joints.